People are sharing the times they survived a murder attempt by sheer luck and it’s terrifying
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Even for the staunchest pessimists, life throws up plenty of scenarios to make us question whether fate or divine intervention exists.

Arguably none so much as the realisation that by sheer luck you avoided being murdered.

Reddit user ASDSHerao asked people who had survived a brush with death to share their stories and the answers are terrifying and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Warning: some of the stories below are very distressing.

from AskReddit
from AskReddit

This person was lucky to have made other plans.

Sophomore year of college went with a friend to go hang out at his old college. We were supposed to crash with a few friends of his but we met a few ladies and ended up at a pool party. Next day went home and my friend started getting calls from one of his buddies moms asking if he'd seen him.

Turns out in the middle of the night a few guys broke into the house kidnapped my friends buddy and roomate. Took there car and drove them out to the middle if nowhere and executed them. I guess it was part of some gang initiation.

I was supposed to sleep there with my friend. I still sometimes think about it and get the shivers.

This man's wariness seems to have saved his life.

from AskReddit

In very rare cases, irresponsible drinking has its advantages.

I got absolutely blackout drunk at an end of the year/graduation party and ended up having to get taken home early.

Later that night another student at the party ended up stabbing and killing 5 people. Turns out he had mental issues (schizophrenia) and thought everyone at the party was a werewolf/vampire who threatened his life.

He never went to jail but ended up being founded non criminally responsible instead...

While this story provides solid grounds for a re-evaluation of the people you might join on a clifftop stroll.

from AskReddit

Reddit user bighawk68 provided an insight into one of the most tragic afflictions of modern America.

May 18, 2018. School shooting at Santa Fe Highschool, I was a sophomore at the time.

Don't really want to dive into the details but I remember running through the grass thinking that they were shooting into the crowd of kids running.

Scariest moment of my life, but at least I'm here for the 1 year anniversary of it all.

Thankfully, those above are able to share their tales today.

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