Mother despairs at neighbour's 'terrifying' beehive that makes using garden impossible

Mother despairs at neighbour's 'terrifying' beehive that makes using garden impossible
Bees immediately plummet to ground when lights turn off

A woman has been left in utter despair as the beehive in her neighbour's garden has made her back garden almost impossible to use.

The mother made the revelation in a post on the social networking site Mumsnet, where she explained her situation.

In the post, captioned “Beehives in neighbours garden”, the anonymous woman said she and her family had recently moved into a new home.

But, after only a few weeks of moving in, she discovered that their new neighbours have two beehives in the garden and had already seen them swarming.

She wrote: “Already I have seen two massive swarms of bees. Thousands of them for two days.

“Had to close all the windows and doors. If you've never seen a swarm before it can be terrifying when it's right by your house.”

The mother said she had planned on getting a medium-sized paddling pool for her children to use in the summer, but she was now rethinking as the small pond in her garden already has about 50 bees at a time using it as a water source.

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Her husband was also told by the bee owners that they get irritated by noise, and her own husband was once stung multiple times when their son shouted something.

This concerned the mother as the beehives are situated near to a play area in their garden.

She wrote: “Where the beehives are is metres away from a children's play area [that] was in situ when we moved in. Already, although my child is a baby, I'd be terrified of letting her play down that area where the swings are, as all young children can make loud unpredictable noises from time to time.”

The woman also claimed the bee-owners told her to get rid of a specific tree in her garden which attracts bees.

Unfortunately for the woman, there didn’t seem to be many solutions that would help the problem, with may suggesting she will have to get used to it and see the positives.

One user replied: “Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be something within your control. You don’t have to get rid of the tree, that’s just dramatic.

“In better news, bees are great for any fruit you might grow.”

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