Creepy viral TikTok shows neighbour peering into woman’s home – and the responses are depressing

A TikTok of a woman who caught her male neighbour on camera peering into her house from behind some foliage has gone viral.

In the clip posted by user @lucy.2481, she demonstrated the reason she keeps the curtains of her home in Scotland closed.

The text in the video read: “People always ask me why my curtains are always closed.”

What happened next was truly terrifying as she zoomed in on who she says was her middle-aged male neighbour who was watching her from over his fence and behind a tree.

Once he noticed her filming him, he appeared to climb down and hide from sight.

The clip has been viewed 2.9 million times and prompted many women to share their own experiences of being stalked or harassed by neighbours.

One person commented: “I had to buy two pit bulls because my stalker is very bad. He lives seven houses away from me.”

Others suggested the TikToker buy protective equipment like pepper spray, window privacy film or to put cameras up on her property.

While it was suggested the poster contact the police about the incident, others also shared their disappointing experiences of trying to go to the authorities with stalking allegations.

One TikTok user posted, writing: “Everyone saying to go to the cops…They won’t do anything. They don’t care. My male neighbour filmed my bedroom window for a month. They did NOTHING.”

Another agreed, saying: “The cops won’t do anything bc he’s not ‘trespassing.’ I had this issue and they did nothing. Had to build a tall metal fence.”

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