New York Times argues why 'racist' royal family must be 'dismantled'

New York Times argues why 'racist' royal family must be 'dismantled'
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The New York Times is facing some backlash after publishing an op-ed that claims the British Royal Family is "racist" and the Monarchy needs to be "dismantled."

It also suggested that Meghan Markle paid with "her life" to marry into the royal institution.

Titled "When Harry Met Meghan" and written by contributing opinion writer Roxane Gay, she said that Prince Harry and Markle were essentially saving their lives by breaking away from royal life.

She also said they preserved "what peace of mind" they could after spending nearly three years trying to get support from the royal family.

Gay also presumes that the Sussexes privileges weren't enough to shield them from racism which caused a "wedge" to form between them "and the royal family."

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"We saw, in real time, just how high a price the crown was willing to extract from an outsider, up to and including her life," she added.

Gay also noted that the Duchess of Sussex embodies the role of "a perfect princess" even in "royal exile."

As for the Duke of Sussex, she calls him "graceful and poised" but in the way of someone who has lived "as an heir to the throne" for their whole life.

"In the end, racism was more powerful than familial bonds. The monarchy's consistent unwillingness to protect Meghan Markle in the face of truly horrific tabloid coverage and online harassment was indefensible," Gay wrote.

And in conclusion, she said that the monarchy doesn't need a change, it needs to be "dismantled" altogether.

This opinion piece is one of the latest the outlet published, which was critical of the UK's royal family, government and laws.

Back in September, the Times had to issue a correction that manipulated inflation data and caused fears surrounding the recession.

This also occurred after some readers said they would cancel their subscriptions over the coverage of the late Queen Elizabeth II days after her death.

And in November, the outlet accused the UK of using "hardline tactics"by using a written modern slavery law to prevent human trafficking to rail against Black drug dealers.

Police and prosecutors have furiously gone against that claim. They said were ten times as many white people prosecuted compared to Black defendants in the last five years.

Indy100 reached out to Buckingham Palace and The New York Times for comment.

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