Newsmax producer thinks Impossible Burgers are implanted with Bill Gates chips

Newsmax producer thinks Impossible Burgers are implanted with Bill Gates chips
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A Newsmax producer made the bizarre claim that Impossible Burgers are “planted with” Bill Gates microchips. (They're not)

In video footage shared on Twitter, host Eric Bolling of The Balance was speaking with producers for a segment called “meat eaters vs. vegans” that addressed the “beef whoppers” and “plant-based impossible whoppers” and “blind taste” testing.

“I’m guessing…neither one of you, well over the course of several attempts.. I’ll bet you you can’t tell the difference in taste,” Bolling said.

“This isn’t about the taste, though. It’s about knowing that you’re eating something that was made in a lab,” producer Ilona Braverman remarked.

Bolling chimed in: “If it tastes the same and it’s healthier…”

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Braverman reiterated her point: “The point is this is made in a lab. It’s Bill Gates has decided that all of us have to eat man-made meat.”

She added: “I want to eat something from that’s real, that’s the real thing that came from the Earth, the planet that was actually intended for us to be eating. Not out of a lab that’s made of I don’t know what - made of chemicals, implanted with chips… I don’t want to eat Bill Gates’ plate of fake meat.”

Bolling agreed with Braverman’s point that he wouldn’t eat lab meats but noted that Impossible is “soy-based” and is mixed with “other stuff,” but it’s still made with things that “come from the Earth.”

Once people saw the video clip, they couldn’t help but make jokes about the misinformation.

Check out those reactions below.

In a fact check from Reuters in January, they did a fact check on a viral claim that the Microsoft founder was planning to use microchip implants to fight the coronavirus and use “digital certificates” to see who has been vaccinated or not.

This claim is based on a story titled “Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus.”

However, the story happened to use an “Ask Me Anything” answer as a propeller for speculation and unattributed conclusions, which were not supported by Gates’ answers in the interview.

Gates did mention the potential of having a “digital certificate” for health records “eventually,” but he didn’t say the certificates would be “microchip implants.”

Reuters also noted that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told them that “digital certificates” were based on efforts to create a digital platform to help with “expanding access to safe, home-based testing.”

Indy100 reached out to Impossible Foods for comment via email.

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