This NHS paracetamol leaflet is extremely NSFW

Jordan Paramor/Facebook Screengrab

In a leaflet about the amount of paracetamol and ibuprofen prescribed by the NHS, they managed to make it look rather smutty.

Posted on Wednesday by Jordan Paramor, the leaflet from NHS England detailed the £500,000 cost of prescribing painkiller tablets in one year.

The comments beneath were equally NSFW.

Others weren't so sure they could see the hidden image in this particular 'magic eye' drawing.

In 2014, the Daily Telegraph claimed the NHS spent £80 million on the tablets which can be bought in supermarkets for 90p a pack.

The figure of £500,000 appears to come from on NHS England's subdivisions, the regional Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the East Riding of Yorkshire.

In a leaflet that is also available on their web site posted in July 2016 they cited the £500,000 cost.

Last year we [the East Riding CCG] spent over £500,000 on dispensing painkillers alone.

Painkillers such as paracetamol are widely available in supermarkets and local chemists and cost around one pence per tablet compared to three pence per tablet on the NHS.

This is why, when you only need them now and again, it is better to buy over the counter for pennies instead.

It has not been confirmed that the East Riding CCG produced this leaflet, merely that they have used the figure of £500,000 in another piece of literature.

The total bill for NHS England's painkiller prescription was reported to be £87 million by the Daily Mail.

Whether they had a say on the art work is another matter.

HT Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail

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