There should be a word for animals that think they're different animals. Flexispecies, or something.

This collection of lovable rogues features a number of creatures that are, let's say, 'fluid' with their traditional nature. It's great.

Most recently, a golden retriever was captured frolicking with some companions at the seaside. Except the stand out dog doesn't act like its peers. Rather, it bounces, like a kangaroo, into the gentle tide.

The golden retriever is clearly excited about a day out at the beach. And in its joy, perhaps reveals an inner sanctum or sorts. The dog is almost saying, 'Yes, I look like a dog. But I feel like a kangaroo. And that's fine.'

Golden Retriever or Kangaroo?

Dogs thinking that they're kangaroos seems to be a common theme.

In comparison, this sheep seems fairly convinced it's a dog.

Posted by Animals Videos on Sunday, 8 February 2015

But worry not. The balance is restored with his dog, who in reverse, believes himself to be a sheep.

If there's a constant, it's other animals' desires to be dogs. That's not surprising, given the relationship between humans and dogs. Perhaps there's some jealousy in it all.

For example, a fox called Todd thinks he's a dog and lives as a pet with a family in Staffordshire.

A little like this ostrich.

And this emu.

But, to loosely quote Sinead O'Connor, nothing compares to this cow, who lives the life of a sheepdog. Goliath rose to internet stardom last year:

The world can be a beautiful place...

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