No one can decide what this Starbucks cup says

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(Picture: Getty

We've seen the dress colour that no one could agree on, two-tone shoes that have left everyone flummoxed and now there's something else confusing the internet: no one can decide whether this Starbucks cup says "Greg" or "Corey".

We know the coffee chain has a history of spelling people's names wrong, in an apparent attempt to get free publicity online, but this is a whole new level of trickery:

Since being posted on Twitter and Imgur, the image has been causing a huge divide in opinion:

Some people have been getting very nuanced in their arguments:

Others have just made some very pertinent observations:

While many seem to be losing the plot:

We were definitely thinking it was Corey, but then we noticed the man who ordered the coffee is called Greg Dorris. So we assume it's meant to say Greg (but it definitely says Corey, right?).

What do you think?

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