This note will restore your faith in humanity


After visiting her grandma, Imgur user SpiderSaviour parked her car at the side of a nearby house and had a quick nap before heading back to work.

When she woke up, she saw a note from the man who lived in the house, left under her windshield.

She writes:

No I am not homeless or in need, something I am extremely thankful for every day, but it is still wonderful to see that there are caring people out there.

And the note read:

I didn’t want to wake you or scare you. Feel free to park here any time. If you need money for food or anything knock on the door and ask for –

Hope you’re ok

Be safe

SpiderSaviour writes:

My car is normally immaculate (my sister's car is a wreck and it drives me insane) but because I was with my lunch bag, my jacket, and my purse/backpack. Now that I think about it, it probably did look like I was living out of my car.

She says she’s is going to leave a note in the mailbox to say thank you.

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