The cringe commercial for the new One Punch Man game looks like a bad SNL skit

The cringe commercial for the new One Punch Man game looks like a bad SNL skit
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A new ad has hit the internet for the recently released mobile game The One Punch Man: The Strongest - and some people think it looks like a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

On Monday (26 September), the One Punch Man fan account @Everything_OPM shared the ad on Twitter, which is like a weird musical parody.

In the video, One Punch Man: The Strongest a live-action version of Saitama, also known as the "One Punch Man", appears.

The character, wearing a yellow bodysuit, black belt, red gloves, and a white cape (just as he appears in the anime and manga series of the same name), entered a restaurant, seemingly confusing one customer who said, "What the hell? Who are you?"

Another customer next recognised him and said, "Wow, One Punch Man!" as the camera panned into her hand to show the game on her smartphone.

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Soon after, the superhero started rapping as the rest of the customers and staff broke into dance alongside him.

Not only is the rapping a bit stunted with phrases like "What's my name? One Punch Man," fans of the game or anime called out the main character being referred to as "One Punch Man" as opposed to his name Saitama or even his hero code name "Caped Baldy."

They also tied in the bad skit reference.

One person wrote: "HIS NAME IS CAPED BALDY!"

"Holy f***. I. No. My boy... no.. noooo!! W-wha... wtf... how has this ... gotten through? Like... cannot be real... no way! This is a parody!? Right!? Or intentionally cringe!? This is honestly the worst thing I've ever seen. I need to go throw up!" another added.

A third wrote: "I would've been infinitely happier if they just had Saitama go buy groceries and then tell people to download the game."

Check out other reactions below.

Still, the game One Punch Man: The Strongest has been well received by fans and gamers alike of the manga/anime, with the original Japanese cast reprising their roles.

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