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Don’t you just hate it when you’re so good looking that dating apps refuse to let you join up?

That's what said to have happened with one Onlyfans model, who complained about being kicked off Tinder, Bumble and Hinge for being “too hot”.

Alaw Haf, 24, claims she’s repeatedly been locked out of her accounts because people report them for being fake.

The law graduate, from Mold, Wales, says she’s been banned because she’s "too hot" and people report her as they don't think she's real.

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Alaw, who makes £44,000 a year through Onlyfans, spoke out following the release of Netflix's popular new documentary Tinder Swindler documentary.

She claims she was being "treated worse than the Tinder Swindler", also known as convicted fraudster Shimon Hayut.

“I think it’s all a joke after watching the show on Netflix and he was still able to be on the app when his purpose was to use it for criminal activity – whereas all I wanted was to go for a drink with someone," she said [via Daily Mail].

Alaw claims she was first banned from Tinder in September 2020, and then again in December 2021 after getting her account back.

She also claims she was banned from Bumble in 2020 and Hinge in March 2021.

"I had problems with a couple of my pictures so I’d just replace them with others," she explained.

“I would never post anything offensive but it’s hard to find a picture of myself wearing clothes when 90% of my pictures are in lingerie or swimwear due to my work.”

Meanwhile, Netflix viewers have been left stunned following the release of the Tinder Swindler, which followed the crimes of scammer Leviev.

The documentary tells the story of three women who were victims of his crimes, though many more women across Europe are believed to have been scammed by him.

Leviev posed as the son of a billionaire diamond mogul and treated them to meals in 5-star hotels and flew them to destinations after meeting them for one coffee date, using money scammed from other women.

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