This optical illusion reveals whether you're an optimist or a pessimist
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An insane optical illusion has left internet users completely baffled as an image appears to move as you scroll.

The unusual image was shared on Reddit by someone who goes by the username u/Eatvaca64 with the title, “You got BAMBOOzeld”.

In the picture, there are eight green columns that appear to look like sticks of bamboo. Above them are the words, “Drunk pandas” as the sticks somehow seem to move when you scroll up and down the image, or stare for a while.

The bizarre moving image does give the viewer the impression of being intoxicated, hence the “drunk pandas” caption.

People in the comments were absolutely astounded by the image, which at first glance doesn’t appear as though there is anything particularly special about it.

One person commented: “What the f**k have you done you evil person, I have looked at this for 10 minutes now.”

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Someone else said: “It's amazing how some tiny black and white boxes make our brains suddenly s**t itself.”

Another person wanted to clarify: “Its not a gif right?”

Optical illusion baffles the internet by appearing to move while remaining completely stillReddit

One other wrote: “I got dizzy just by looking at this for like 5 seconds what the hell.”

Some other Reddit users were amused by the thought of a drunk panda and enjoyed the reference to it in the caption.

One person said: “Maybe i am a drunk panda.”

Another agreed commenting: “Status right now: I am a drunk panda.”

Someone else joked: “is smoking bamboo possible?”

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