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It's being called the scariest film of 2016, when these two penguins had a fight.

National Geographic has released a video, which it says shows a 'husband' coming home to find his 'wife' with a 'homewrecker'.

Gripped already? Definitely.

The narrator is the most sinister thing throughout. Some choice quotes from the short film include.

He flips out. His strategy is simple. Batter the homewrecker until he flees.

A pun? Seriously. That's messed up at a time like this.

Their flippers contain solid bones, they use them like baseball bats to club each other, delivering up to eight blows a second.


They call out to the female penguin to let her choose. She chooses the homewrecker.



He follows them home. This fight isn't over yet.

Good god this is intense.

The 'husband' launches a beak attack to get at the homewrecker, now hiding inside the nest.

Penguins usually use their beaks to gouge out burrows. Now they are gouging out eyes.


He makes one last plea to the female, but she's got no time for losers. Defeated and humiliated he's left out in the cold.

Ouch National Geographic. Words hurt you know, you monsters.

They go on to demonstrate the futility of the fight, by explaining there are nearly 250, 000 other penguins in the colony with which the 'husband' can mate.

The most terrible gore you will see this year can be watched below. Prepare for the emotional journey the next three minutes minutes will bring.

Warning: Graphic penguin content

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