Man allegedly 'escorted off flight' for sending penis pics through AirDrop

Man allegedly 'escorted off flight' for sending penis pics through AirDrop
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A TikTok clip made the rounds online when a user claimed a man was escorted off a flight for sending unsolicited penis pictures to passengers.

TikTok user Mackenzie (@daddystrange333) took her awful flight experience to the platform when she accepted an AirDrop request. The file reportedly turned out to be an explicit photo.

"Thankfully, I accepted it, saw who was sending it, and immediately started speaking up," she penned in a text overlay. Mackenzie can be heard explaining the situation to a flight attendant, telling them: "This man is airdropping everybody…inappropriate photos."

The flight attendant approaches the man-in-question, candidly asking whether it was him. He confirms.

"Why are you doing that?" the attendant asks.

"I don’t know," he responds. "Just having a little fun."

Mackenzie intercepts and calls out his actions as sexual harassment.

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Lawrence Martin from Texas, grossssssss. I saw his ipad had airdrop open so I knew it was him, and yes, i sure did make a scene

The footage has since racked up a staggering 7.1 million views and over 10,000 comments from concerned users.

"Imagine if there were kids on that flight that accepted the airdrop," one fellow TikToker commented, while another highlighted: "Peep the wedding ring."

A third user was left baffled by the man's reaction, saying: "The way he just admitted it like he didn't know it was wrong????"

In a second follow-up clip, Mackenzie claims the man was arrested when they landed.

"A few of us had to meet with an FBI agent who told us Larry was arrested and will be spending the weekend in whatever airport jail looks like," she wrote.

She alleged that a child was sent the image, but luckily didn't accept. "His dad was ready to fight," she added.

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