Penny Mordaunt says UK needs a new 'theme tune' and people had hilarious suggestions

Penny Mordaunt says UK needs a new 'theme tune' and people had hilarious suggestions
Penny Mordaunt criticises 'smears' against her Tory leadership campaign

Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has a suggestion for how to bring the UK together - by writing a new theme song.

The weekly magazine The Spectatortook to Twitter to share a clip of an interview with Mordaunt in which she addressed how a theme was "part of" British culture.

This was shortly before she was knocked out of the Tory leadership race on Wednesday.

"I have campaigned, as you know, for the UK theme to be brought back, which sounds a trivial thing, but actually, it was so loved by everyone across the four nations," she said in the video.

"It was even played by fishery protection vessels out over the water to warn the French they were around.

"It was part of our culture, and it was written by a refugee, and it was his love letter to the nation," she added.

Mordaunt then posed the question of incorporating a new theme song.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if we had a project to write the new UK theme?

She continued: "I think it's those sorts of things that get people thinking, get people excited, get people thinking about what it is that we are as a nation. And we ought to be doing more of that."

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People took to the video's comments section to add their own suggestions and provide advice while criticising the Tory contender's take.

One wrote: "How about a national anthem that celebrates us as people and/or our country rather than the monarch? Current one is dirge," another added, which prompted someone else to seemingly suggest the song title: "Land of hope without Tories?"

Someone else who expressed confusion wrote: "This 'UK theme' that was apparently so beloved among all four nations...

"What on earth was it? I have no idea what this is unless she is referring to 'God Save the Queen, ' which is not universally loved (especially in Scotland and NI) but is already the 'National Anthems.'"

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