People absolutely love this maths puzzle

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Another maths puzzle has been circulating the newsfeeds, and it's a doozy.

This one involving the movement of match sticks has been foxing thousands of people.

To some it couldn't simpler, to other's this is the Da Vinci code cryptex combined with a rubix cube.

The equation reads:

6 + 4 = 4

The puzzle gives the instruction to 'Move just one stick to fix the equation'.

Where this puzzle originate is unclear, but this version has been shared on over 54 thousand Facbeook profiles.

According to commenters on the post, the visual problem involving match sticks can be solved in more than one way.

Scroll down to discover the simplest solution.

Rotate the green match stick that forms part of the six 90 degrees clockwise, making the six into a zero.

Therefore the equation reads:

0 + 4 = 4


There is also another way - take the vertical stick from the addition sign to make the six an eight.

Therefore the equation reads:

8 - 4 = 4

Have another solution? Comment below.

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