People are absolutely horrified by bacon with a nipple on it

We learned earlier this week that people feel a whole lot more comfortable about consuming meat when they think the animal they're eating is unintelligent.

Turns out they feel a whole lot more uncomfortable about eating meat when they can still see the animal's nipple.

That would at least appear to be the case based on comments left under the following photo uploaded to Reddit:

Most people had a similar reaction:

oh god. oh god.

They were not happy:

I didn't think it was possible for fresh bacon to make me feel sick to my stomach, but here we are.

Others considered throwing up their lunch:

I JUST ate half of a BLT that I made for my lunch reddit browsing time. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME REDDIT!?

Others went further:

That's it! No more bacon! Nope, no more bacon

One user noted:

That's the thing about meat.. it's all good until you recognize the body part

Many made similar points to those feeling disgusted:

Yes it has a nipple. It WAS from an animal and some animals have nipples. So if this turns you off well the sad reality is, you're eating an animal. Did you not already know that?

Some over on Facebook were less perturbed, however:

You could drop bacon on the floor and I'd still eat it

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