People are raising money for the dating show contestant snubbed for a car voucher

New Irish-speaking dating show Pioc do Ride has a questionable format for finding love.

Contestants on Pioc do Ride (or Pick Your Ride) choose another human to date based entirely on what car they drive.

So far so terrible.

But the ridiculous approach to romance becomes even more ridiculous when the chosen contestant is offered the chance to turn down a dinner date in favour of a, wait for it, €250 (£184) car voucher.


The show hit headlines this week when Corey Hanna from Derry was snubbed by some guy called Liam.

If unbearable social torture is your thing, here's a clip of the rejection in action:

Duke O'SmileyGoFundMe page

The campaign description reads:

Anyone who saw Pioc do Ride saw the cruelest twist in any dating show in history.

Corey, we want you to get your own €250 voucher. Justice must be done!

Speaking to Duke O'Smiley said:

To be honest, myself and my mates just thought it was good craic and that she deserved a voucher of her own for being such a good sport.

I didn't think people would actually donate though! I've contacted Corey on Twitter and Ireland's a small place so I'll get her the cash whether we hit the 250 or not.

At the time of writing, €40 had been pledged towards to cause.


Update: The full €250 has now been raised.

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