People in Japan are turning foil into perfect metal balls and it's immensely satisfying

YouTube / SKYtomo

Right, we've all completely overlooked the true purpose of tin foil.

It turns out it's not something to wrap your sandwiches in and then chuck away: the people of Japan have discovered that it's actually art (with a little bit of work, anyway).

Thanks to a Japanese jeweller, seemingly the entirety of Japan is now obsessed with polishing tin foil to perfection. Here's how.

Step one: Get tin foil. Scrunch it into a ball. So far, so good.

Step two: Use a hammer to push into a tighter ball. Repeatedly. If you think you're done, you're probably not.

Step three: Polish painstakingly to perfection.

Picture: YouTube / SKYtomo

Step four: Marvel at what you've created.

Picture:Picture: YouTube / SKYtomo

You can learn more in this YouTube video.

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