An author asked for people's scariest nightmares and the internet didn't disappoint

The Bye Bye Man/YouTube screengrab

Some nightmares should stay in your mind.

Author Jessica Ellis posed a simple query to her Twitter followers:

In one tweet only, tell me about the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had.

People did not disappoint.

Prepare never to sleep again:

1. Every journalist's worst nightmare.

2. Death-by-fire.

3. Bears are scary, OK?

4. This is gross.

5. What fresh hell?

6. Skeleton mum.

7. URM.

8. Nightmares you say?

9. Perpetually giving birth, anyone?

10. A millennials' worst nightmare.

11. What was that, Siri?

12. I, Legend.

13. This reads like that episode of Family Guy.

14. Horror films? Just have a look at my mind...

15. Well, that's sobering.

Sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

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