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Earlier this week the animal rights campaigners PETA shared a tweet that was widely mocked where they encouraged people to stop using animal idioms, or speciesism, in everyday terms.

This bizarre attempt to change the way that people talk was possibly their attempt at attention seeking of a little joke (given that they have changed their name to 'Bringing Home the Bagles Since 1980', it would suggest that they are at least self-aware).

With the internet being taken aback by PETA's outlandish tweet and also finding the ability to make a joke out of literally anything, memes soon started to emerge of PETA's chart, imploring people to correct their language on all sorts of things.

Here are some of our favourites:

Anti-bird language

Anti-philosopher language

Anti-book language

Anti-Star Wars prequel language

Anti-Thanos language

Anti-gamer language

Anti-plant language

Anti-rap and anti-country music language

Anti-bee language

Anti-food language

Anti-Christmas language

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