'Petcercising' is apparently a thing and it's taking the UK by storm

If this new class doesn't get you exercising, nothing will.

Argos has launched the House of Fitness, which is designed to solve common gym problems such as off-putting mirrors and harsh lighting – and, most importantly, there will be a session dedicated to petcercising (that's exercisingwith your pet, by the way).

Apparently, petcercising is taking the UK by storm, with 65 per cent of the population picking their dog as their favourite workout buddy. According to the retail brand, anyway.

More than half (51 per cent) of people say that pets offer them much-needed motivation, and 46 per cent rely on their furry friends for moral support, being far less intimidating than their fellow humans.

Anyway, the photos are adorable.

You can book a class (located in London). Warning: ensure your dog is well-trained. If you have a cat... well, you're doomed. Trim its claws, we guess?

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