<p>It’s unclear how the piglet managed to board the two trains</p>

It’s unclear how the piglet managed to board the two trains

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A piglet boarded not one, but two, trains in Hong Kong before being captured and released back into the wild.

The video shows the animal running freely around the carriage as passengers watched and recorded the incident in amusement.

At one point, the animal clearly felt tired from the long journey and took a rest on a priority seat - after all, it was a baby.

Staff attempted to catch the pig, but it soon boarded another train towards Victoria Harbour where the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department finally managed to stop the animal in its tracks.

Another video shot by an onlooker surfaced online which showed commuters recording the fascinating incident.

It’s unclear how the animal managed to board the two separate trains, but the video sent social media into hysterics. Some found the incident hilarious, while others were concerned for the safety and welfare of the piglet.

This isn’t the first time a wild animal has opted for a spontaneous day out. Just a few days prior, a monkey jumped aboard a Metro train in Delhi with @ajaydorby, sharing the video online and questioning, “What’s happening???”

Watch the full piglet on the loose video here.

While the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation didn’t confirm the incident, they did respond with, “Hi, thank you for reaching out. Kindly mention the coach number and current station for further assistance.”

Elsewhere in the world, a fare-evading beaver was filmed wandering aimlessly around a Toronto station.

One commuter told Global News: “At first I thought someone had dropped a hat. Then it started to move, so I knew it was an animal. I thought it was a groundhog because it was too big to be a rat.

“Then I saw its tail, and I knew from the back of a nickel that it was a beaver.”

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