A grandmother’s ‘pinstriped’ pants had a very unexpected phrase printed on them

A grandmother believed that her pants had a cute pinstripe pattern on them - but she was in for a surprise once she found out that there was an unexpected two-word phrase printed all over.

In a TikTok video uploaded by Chelsea, who goes by @chels_bb on the platform, she showed her grandma, dressed in a white blouse and what she assumed was “pinstripe” pants.

“My nana thought these pants were pinstriped,” the text onscreen said as the camera zoomed in to show the words “f*** you” with the “u” starred out printed vertically on her grandma’s pants.

Someone else could be heard in the background confirming the wording about the pants and said: “No, they say ‘f*** you,’ mom.”

“Oh my god,” the grandmother said, appearing shocked as chuckles could be heard in the background.


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The video, which has 9.1m views at the time of writing, had people flock to the the comments to talk about the wholesome yet hilarious moment and wonder where she found the pants.

“I’d wear them constantly! Where’d she get them?” someone asked.


A third wrote: “Nana will hear this story for the rest of her life.”

Even comedian Chelsea Handler joined in on the discussion and wrote, “Whoopsiedoodle,” which prompted Chelsea to respond with: “Omg, fangirling, My whole family calls me Chelsea Handler. Ily.”

On the other hand, others jokingly suggested that the Chelsea’s grandma had an idea about what the pants said, with one writing: “LOL, I bet she totally knew.”

Indy100 reached out to Chelsea via TikTok comments.

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