Prisoner's TikTok account deleted after his cookery videos go viral

Prisoner goes viral after cooking food in cell using two kettles

A prisoner who became a viral sensation after posting cooking videos from prison has had their TikTok account removed.

The anonymous person posted clips of them making food from their cell with kettles under the username @shotsneverfailing365.

Dishes the person made included chicken stew, curries and pancakes with one clip being viewed more than 1.2 million times before the account was taken down.

It is believed they were using an illegal phone to film and upload their cooking videos. The prison service is alleged to have alerted TikTok, who later removed the account.

Some clips have been reposted on YouTube and one shows the man making spaghetti bolognese from scratch in a kettle.

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Cooking spaghetti in one kettle, he then moved on to his bolognese sauce, opening a tin of tomatoes with nail clippers.

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He then placed diced onions and chopped tomatoes into another kettle followed by mince and spices.

When cooked, he tipped it out into a plate with the text overlay reading, “Bon appetit”.

Another clip showed him making pancakes and managing to flip them as they cooked inside the three kettles.

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The text overlay read: “Fluffy [pancake emoji] like your girl.”

The Sun reported a source said: “The man should be given his own show. He’s told fans he wants to open his own restaurant when he gets out later this year.”Enjoyed this article? Then click the upvote icon at the top of the page to help it rise through the indy100 rankings and have your say in our news democracy.
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