Theresa May is set to sack Priti Patel after allegations she misled the government over secret meetings with Israeli politicians.

But the International Development Secretary hasn't been fired yet, and some people are getting bored waiting. This has led to devilish creativity - or strange stalker behaviour, depending on who you're asking.

As Patel rushes back across continents to an inevitably furious Prime Minister, cutting her trip to Africa short, BuzzFeed's political editor Jim Waterson has been tracking what is likely to be her plane.

To make matters worse, it's highly unlikely that Ms. Patel's plane has internet, meaning she's completely unaware of her now viral status.

The controversy surrounding Ms. Patel began after she failed to disclose a string of meetings with Israeli politicians in August and September.

An Israeli news organisation also reports that Patel visited an Israeli military field hospital in Golan Heights - a visit that, if it took place, would breach protocol. This was not included in her statement this week.

It's not just Mrs. May who has grievances with Patel:

Thousands of people are now tracking Patel's flight.

Who knew watching a tiny plane crawl across a map was so fun?

None of us have anything better to do with our day.

Stalking politicians in the modern world also comes in 3D.

The Prime Minister is also under pressure to sack Boris Johnson.

In an unrelated scandal, the Foreign Secretary has been forced to backtrack comments which has lead to threats by the Iranian judiciary to double a British woman's prison sentence.

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