PGA pro golfer given tips by random man in uncomfortable exchange

PGA pro golfer given tips by random man in uncomfortable exchange
Professional golfer told how to swing by random man
Georgia Ball

Sometimes, we just wish we had the self-confidence of the random man who told a professional golf coach how to swing a club properly.

Golf coach and PGA professional Georgia Ball, who goes by @georgiagolfcoach on social media, was recording a video of herself at the driving range when she was given unsolicited advice.

The clip has since gone viral, with the uncomfortable encounter highlighting just how important it is to mind your own business.

Georgia, who has 173,000 followers on Instagram, was recording herself working on her game and striking the ball down the range when an unseen man to her left felt the need to try and fix her swing.

Georgia calmly turned to the man after he said "excuse me", and showed incredible patience after he told her what she was doing was completely wrong.

"What you're doing there, you shouldn't be doing that," he said. "You should be right through. Swing and follow through. You're going too slow on the way up."

Georgia then explained how she was implementing a change to her swing and exaggerating certain feels in her backswing.

Still, the man didn't let up, adding: "What you're doing there is coming back too slow. I've been playing golf for 20 years. What you need to do is follow through a lot quicker than you are doing right now."

Georgia looked at the camera, not quite believing what she was hearing. Then, when she flushed the next ball down the range, he even tried to take credit for it.

"See how much better that was...Keep doing that anyway, OK?" the guy says, causing Georgia to laugh in disbelief.

"Thanks for your advice," Georgia said.

The clip has sparked a big reaction online, with many people calling the man out for sharing completely unsolicited advice - and questioning whether he would have done the same thing if it had been a man.


A female golfer replied in the comments section saying: "So glad you posted this because it is my BIGGEST frustration when I’m at the driving range. Unfortunately men always feel the need to comment on my swing or want to coach me. Guys take note: Please don’t."

"Imagine being a Female PGA Professional and some guy comes up to you telling you how to swing," one social media user said. "She's a better person than I am because no way could I hold in my reaction."

Another commented: "Trying not to scream at the monitor was killing me the entire video... she is one graceful lady to hold it together."

"This is actually mental, he took credit for her swing," one more said.

"He’s been playing golf for 20 years guys," another joked.

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