This guy chose the most epic place to propose to his girlfriend

Doteman / Reddit

A beach, up the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by rose petals and candles... Choosing the location of a marriage proposal is high-stakes.

But one man thought way, way outside the box.

A meteor crater in Northern Arizona is a hotspot for the curious and scientifically inclined.

The world’s best preserved meteorite impact site shows the aftermath of an asteroid hitting the earth’s surface around 50,000 years ago.

It's a good spot for sight-seeing,a coach trip, perhaps – but one Reddit user decided it was the perfect place to propose.

But before user Doteman proposed he memorised every fact about the place.

He wrote on Reddit:

Drove all the way out to the AZ crater to propose to girlfriend. Studied every fact about it for a month, snuck in the proposal while trying to sound like a scientist... she said yes.

She's been dying to visit the crater. We went several miles out of our way so it seemed like the perfect place. It truly was. 

Picture:Picture: Doteman / Reddit

One redditor imagined it went a little something like this:

'So the crater was actually formed during an atmospheric anomaly known as a super bolide where hot gas compressed by cold and hot air bring about the question of will you marry me before collapsing and creating a massive explosion which decimated local fauna and wildlife.'

Girlfriend while checking Instagram - 'Huh oh yes absolutely.'

That's really upped the stakes for the stag do.

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