£1,000-a-month London flat ad has people scratching their heads figuring out where the bed is hidden

<p>At first glance, the bed is completely hidden</p>

At first glance, the bed is completely hidden


House hunters have been left baffled after a £1,000-a-month London flat ad circulated online – and it’s all because of the bedroom.

The ad describes the property as having a “versatile layout”, which is questionable given the sleeping arrangements.

It turns out the bedroom is far from conventional. Not only do potential future residents have to reach their new boudoir by ladder, but they will also face a mattress wedged in a cupboard. The lucky resident then has to fork out £1,000 per month for the privilege.

The property, located on St Martins Road in Stockwell, is described as a “bright and airy studio flat” which is an “affordable living space in an unbeatable location.”

Many were baffled by the sleeping arrangementsTwitter

The Zoopla ad continues: “The versatile layout has plenty of in-built storage and there is a stunning shared garden. Situated down the picturesque road of St Martins, the property is ideally located - only a 5-minute walk to Stockwell station and nearby to all the amenities that Brixton’s vibrant High Street has to offer.”

People took to Twitter after their confusion quickly turned to outrage once they had discovered the sleeping arrangement.

One joked, “This flat makes me want to die, which is convenient because the bedroom will easily double as a coffin”, while another highlighted, “I love that the Zoopla algorithm recommends you nearby schools, as if it would be possible to have a family in that.”

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