QAnon think 'something big' is going to happen this Saturday, thanks to The Simpsons

QAnon think 'something big' is going to happen this Saturday, thanks to The Simpsons
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QAnon have returned with their favourite catchphrase, that "something big is coming" this Saturday (24 September) – inspired by a 2013 episode of The Simpsons.

The conspiracy was first birthed earlier this month from German QAnon followers on Telegram, according to VICE. A video circulated showing German lawmaker Friedrich Merz talking to the Bundestag about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

In the clip, Merz accidentally said that everyone will remember where they were on "September 24". However, he was meant to say "February 24", the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

Unsurprisingly, QAnon cult followers took that information and ran with it, despite Merz correcting himself – and now theories are flying about "what is to come" this Saturday.

The far-right theorists turned to a reliable source to solidify their claims – none other than The Simpsons.

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Now, there's no denying the popular animated TV show has made some spookily accurate predictions. However, it has been on air for 35 years with some of the best writers in the business – so naturally, pretty much all corners have been covered.

According to VICE, one member of the Telegram channel highlighted that in one episode titled 'Homer Goes to Prep School', the characters discuss Without Rule of Law (WROL), which is lingo for the complete breakdown of society after a catastrophic event.

How is this relevant to Saturday, you might ask? The episode-in-question was the ninth show of Season 24 (24/09).

Part of the ep showed an electromagnetic pulse device, which QAnoners believe to symbolise the "10 days of darkness" – which they've ultimately translated to Donald Trump's return to the Oval Office.

The claim has since been spread across YouTube, multiple Telegram channels, and Trump’s platform, Truth Social.

One QAnon follower on the following's Great Awakening forum wrote this week: "Not sure if something will happen on the 24th, but "something" is coming...I can feel it."

Great to see that QAnon are as clued up as ever...

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