Details regarding funeral of Queen Elizabeth II revealed

As the world remembers Queen Elizabeth II they are reminded of her legacy as leader of the British Royal Family for 70 years and apparently that includes her drop scone recipe.

In 1959 the Queen hosted former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his family at Balmoral Castle and used her family's recipes to make the drop scones.

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Apparently the president was so taken with the dish a year later the Queen sent him the recipe by mail thus it became publicly available via the National Archives.

But it did not go viral until earlier this week when a Reddit user posted the recipe.

The recipe calls for flour, caster sugar, eggs, cream of tartar, bi-carbonate soda and butter.

Queen Elizabeth II's drop scone recipe National Archives

Drop scones, also known as Scotch pancakes, are a flat, fluffy, cake traditionally eaten with tea.

Despite their name, the dish is not technically a scone. The name 'drop scone' comes from the act of dropping the batter onto a pan or skillet to make.

Drop scones are often eaten with butter, honey, maple syrup, or jam.

The instructions read, “Beat eggs, sugar, and about half the milk together, add flour, and mix well together, adding the remainder of milk as required, also bicarbonate and cream of tartar, fold in the melted butter.”

The recipe is enough for 16 people, according to the Queen.

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