Quiz: which of these 16 personalities best describes how rational you really are?

Detective? Free spirit? Explorer? Which of these personality types best describes how rationality affects the decisions you make? A new test hopes to answer this for you.

Spencer Greenberg, a mathematician by background and a founder of a quantitative investment firm, is the person behind US-based clearerthinking.org, a not-for-profit project he created in 2012 to help people make the right decisions.

"There are many things people can learn from cognitive science and maths to improve their decision-making," he told i100.co.uk, "but these rarely trickle down to a popular level."

Mr Greenberg said he had never received an accurate result from the rationality tests as he unfortunately knew all the answers already.

This is what we got when we tried it, so it must be pretty accurate...

Take the test yourself below:

Please note, if the test doesn't load below, you can also try this link.

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