Twitter reacts to Ralph Lauren’s unique Olympics outfits: ‘Team USA looks like the bad guys in a Disney movie’

<p>Fans aren’t particularly fond of the country club aesthetic. </p>

Fans aren’t particularly fond of the country club aesthetic.

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American fashion designer Ralph Lauren has designed Team USA’s Olympic gear since 2008, though this year, fans aren’t particularly fond of the country club aesthetic. In fact, they’ve taken to Twitter to share their disappointment, so much so that “Ralph Lauren” is now trending. (But not in a good way.)

While the brand believes the 2020 Olympic’s collection “celebrates America’s pioneering spirit and tradition, while embracing modernity and innovation, even having created a “cooling jacket” to combat Tokyo’s summer heat, Olympics viewers simply can’t keep from roasting them for looking like they fell straight out of a New England prep school whose student body is best known for its bullying.

Let’s hope those “cooling” jackets provide protection from these burns.

First, Twitter users called for Ralph Lauren to be barred from designing Team USA’s outfits.

Then, they addressed the strong “Karen” vibes. (It is timely…)

“The Team USA Ralph Lauren outfits look like they’re meeting at the Yacht Club for brandy after a hard day of watching their trust fund grow,” one user wrote.

It’s true. Lawyers do look as though they’re about to be summoned.

One user noted that every year, the designer makes “America’s athlete’s look like a clique of preppy pricks from a raunchy 1980s teen boarding school comedy,” while another felt the ensembles resembled vacation-wear meant for high-end Connecticut.

“It’s as if a militia stormed an upscale outlet mall and demanded to purchase blazers,” one said.

“We need to stop allowing Ralph Lauren to dress our Olympic athletes as MAGA porn stars,” another demanded.

But at the end of the day, we are all grateful for the Twitter tradition. (Or are we?)

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