Chocolate company sweetens downtown Athens

There are certain dishes that spark debate online.

For some people, eating pineapple pizza is jokingly considered to be a disgrace. Of course, there are countless other recipes that ignite equal fury.

One person shared a recipe on Twitter for a chocolate shake that calls for baby calves liver and is has left pretty much everyone mortified.

"I mean, holy f*ck," Twitter user @70s_party wrote alongside a photo of the recipe.

Other ingredients called for bananas, marshmallows, almonds, milk, and soy chocolate or chocolate syrup—all items you would expect to find in a traditional shake.

Many people had pretty intense opinions about the ingredients used, and made their thoughts known in the comments.

"There goes my pleasant dreams tonight," wrote one person.

"I actually almost yelled out loud, barely suppressed since Tony's in a work meeting," said another.

"Place the recipe on the floor and back slowly away, do it now," said another.

Not everyone had a problem with the inclusion of the liver though.

"A lot of folks getting grossed out in the replies over the tiny bit of liver, but this is just a protein shake, really. I’ll take the liver over the mystery powder," wrote one.

"I would genuinely enjoy this," wrote another person.

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