Woman fakes positive Covid test to get out of ‘worst date ever’

A man has been slammed a "walking red flag" for demanding his date for $4 after taking her for coffee.

In a viral TikTok that has racked over 250,000 views, Katlyn (@katlyn_phipps) showed an exchange of messages between the pair where he requested $4 (£3) through Apple Pay.

She asked: "Why did you request $4?"

"I assume the second try for breakfast is cancelled by now so that's for the coffee last week since it seems like we're never gonna go out again," her date responded. "Really just don't understand what games you are trying to play."

The TikToker posted a follow-up clip to give further context. She explained how she had matched with the man on the dating app Hinge and the pair ended up on a casual coffee date – which he offered to pay for.

After the date, he was keen to organise a second meeting. Due to her busy lifestyle and working "12-hour shifts at the hospital", Katlyn couldn't confirm whether she was free that weekend.

Subsequently, she woke up to a $4 request to pay for her own coffee.

Things men have: the audacity


Things men have: the audacity

Things men have: the audacity

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The clip titled "Things men have: the audacity" riled up fellow TikTok users who turned to the video to voice their opinions.

One joked: "I would have sent him $8 and said 'use the extra to buy yourself some manners.'"

"Request him for wasted time," another suggested.

One encouraged Katlyn to "just send the $4 so he's embarrassed for even doing that."

Another candidly suggested he shouldn't be dating, adding: "He should be picking up extra shifts."

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