Woman gets the same tattoo as her son just to make a point

Woman gets the same tattoo as her son just to make a point
Tattoo artist adds a little extra flare to his art!

A woman has explained how she got the same tattoo as her son to prove a point.

Writing on Reddit, the woman explained she didn't like tattoos but chose to get one as a strange parenting exercise.

She wrote: "My son (19) has wanted a tattoo since he was little so I told him that was okay but to really consider whatever he got and have it be at least a little meaningful and not just do it to be 'cool'.

"I told him if he got something and it had no special meaning I would get the exact same one."

"I guess he thought it was an empty threat because he got a tribal armband tattoo," she continued.

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She then explained she got the same one leading her son to no longer want to "show his off" and feel cross with her.

In the comments, people took her son's side.

One wrote: "Getting a copy of the tattoo of your son and saying tattoos have to be meaningful/well thought about doesn’t really match.

"The only thing you showed him is that you’re an asshole AND you don’t stand behind your ideals."

Another said: "I'd rather have a meaningless tattoo that I like the look of than have a tattoo that permanently shows what a petty and toxic person I can be."

And a third wrote: "So now you're an adult with a spite tattoo. You really owned your son with that move!"


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