Boss reported to HR and slammed as an 'a**hole' for accepting resignation letter

Boss reported to HR and slammed as an 'a**hole' for accepting resignation letter
Waitress shares shocking response from boss when she asked for time off ...

A boss was reported to HR and branded an “a**ehole” by an employee after they wouldn’t give them their job back after handing in their resignation.

Details of the incident were explained in a post on a Reddit forum, where the boss in question asked people to weigh in.

In the post, the unnamed 33-year-old female asked people if she was in the wrong for “accepting a staff member's resignation and then refusing to give them their old job back”.

She explained that she is a senior manager and a few months ago, a 29-year-old male employee handed in his resignation, which she duly accepted.

The boss then went on to say that she had been having issues with that employee over the past 6 months over pay issues.

She wrote: “I had been having problems with him for a 6 months period. I'd given him a payrise (2% increase to his salary), however he had claimed this was not enough and he was looking to at least go up by 10%.”

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Rather than taking her advice and preparing a case for why he felt he’d earned a pay rise, she claims he began leaving negative reviews of the company.

In another recent Reddit post, a restaurant allegedly demanded that its employees get multiple 5-star reviews in order to keep their jobs and a man was slammed for telling his wife and stay at home mum to 'just get on with her job'.

The workplace dispute all came to a head when the employee handed in his resignation and she accepted it. She began to receive rude messages from the employee’s girlfriend.

The poster explained: “The day after I accepted the resignation of my staff member, I got a message on Facebook from his GF, telling me how much of an AH [a**ehole] I was as I'd ruined their chances of buying a house as I'd accepted his resignation.

“I clarified that I hadn't fired him, he had resigned of his own will. It turns out, he had handed in his resignation, thinking I would have offered him more money to stay. He didn't have another job to go into.”

The employee reported her to HR and also called her an a**ehole, but nothing happened and he left the job.

The boss then said she received a message from the former employee asking for his job back.

She said: “I explained why I wouldn't give him his job back and told him we were not currently recruiting for my team and made a comment that there were always jobs in the call centre he could apply for.”

Allegedly, the employee again called her an “a**ehole” and told her she “had ruined his life and he couldn't get another job”.

It’s fair to say that very few people had sympathy for the employee and were firmly on the manager’s side.

One person wrote: “I'm not really sure on what planet anyone would find that you are at fault here...

“Obviously NTA [not the a**ehole]. There's literally no dilemma here.”

Another agreed, writing: “NTA. How could you possibly think you're an asshole here? Kid played stupid games, won stupid prizes.

“He thought he had way more weight to throw around than he did. His shitty plan backfired and now he doesn't want to sleep in the bed he made for himself. Let him cry about it.”


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