Husband wouldn't allow son to invite his friends to his 10th birthday party

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A husband has been called “childish” after his wife revealed a baffling argument they had over their son inviting friends to his 10th birthday party.

In a post on Reddit’s AITA [am I the a**hole] community, the woman explained that her 9-year-old son had recently started a new school and made lots of new friends – encouraging news for her, as she said her son suffers from anxiety.

With his 10th birthday coming up, she thought it would be nice to host a birthday party for him and his new friends, along with some of their mums who she’d come to know.

But this caused a fight. She wrote: “My husband found out and said that he won't allow any guests he doesn't know personally to attend the party.

“I told him these women are my friends and their children are our son's friends which means a lot. He said it's better this way and that I should respect his decision.”

During the argument that ensued, the husband refused to have any further discussion about why his son might want his friends at his birthday party.

The woman called her husband “unreasonable” and said he stormed out and refused to answer her phone calls.

The woman went on: “He texted later that I was being disrespectful of his authority and rude for calling him unreasonable.

“But looking at his logic of wanting to invite his family and friends and not allow our son's friends or their moms just because he doesn't know them personally seems illogical to me.”

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The post has drawn over 1,300 comments from horrified Reddit users who vehemently declared that the husband was in the wrong.

One person wrote: “NTA [not the a**hole] at all. Does your husband think his son's birthday party is all about him.

“Not only is he being unreasonable, but he's being thoughtless and childish.”

Another added: “NTA but I'm starting to understand why your son has anxiety. The request is completely unreasonable.

“If he wants to personally know his son's friends and their parents, the party is the perfect place to do that. Is your husband often this controlling?”

Someone else commented: “‘Disrespecting his authority’ LOL 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩.”

Meanwhile, he’s not the first husband to have been criticised on the site – one woman revealed her husband threw away two boxes of tampons because he “hates them” and a fiance upset his bride-to-be after suggesting they edit her scars out of wedding photos.


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