Woman's husband throws away all her tampons because he 'hates them'

Woman's husband throws away all her tampons because he 'hates them'
Suspicious girlfriend emails Tampax after finding tampon in boyfriend's bedroom

A woman was left fuming after her husband threw away her box of tampons because he “doesn’t feel comfortable” with them.

The 27-year-old wife of two months revealed her 30-year-old husband’s distaste for the sanitary product in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community.

In the post, she explained that she had previously always used pads, but for medical reasons, had switched to tampons and actually found them more convenient for travelling and while at work.

She went on, explaining: “My husband Ryan hates them, he never truly gave a reason other than just say...he doesn't feel comfortable with me using them.”

The woman said that he had asked her to go back to using pads, but she refused as it’s her body and should be her choice.

But, his defiance against tampons didn’t end there as she revealed that her husband threw out not one, but two boxes of tampons.

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She wrote: “He threw away some tampons he had access to, and I was getting upset but*!!!!* to keep the peace, I just bought a box and hid it away from him.

“He somehow found it and threw it away. I didn't find that out til I had my period yesterday and realized I had no tampons to use.”

The woman said she ended up shouting at her husband, who admitted to throwing the tampons away.

She said: “He argued that I already knew how he felt about this stuff and yet I decided to still keep it around. I lost it and told him he had no right to do this and told him to get over himself already.”

Later, she explained that her husband said they should take each other's “discomfort” into consideration and said she should only use them when she’s outside of the house.

People in the comments were baffled by the man’s behaviour and could not believe that a grown man was acting this way.

One person wrote: “NTA [not the a**hole]. Wtf did I just read? I don’t understand why he cares if you use tampons. Is his penis smaller than the tampon and he feels threatened by it?”

Someone else added: “NTA. That’s WEIRD. I can’t even wrap my head around why this might be his choice? Is he making the decisions for your body now? And he ‘puts up’ with your stuff? Red flag city, sister.”

Another commented: “NTA. Throw the whole man out. You are not property for him to control.

“When he is dealing with a period he can make choices for himself. Otherwise he can shut up and buy you a new box of tampons. Now.”

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