This woman got her period on a hike - and her male friend's response was brilliant

This woman got her period on a hike - and her male friend's response was brilliant
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Some women will tell you that periods suck and it's even worse when they are so unpredictable.

Guesswork can help women prepare but "surprise periods" are not uncommon.

They can occur when least expected, like on a mountain hike, which is exactly what happened to Reddituser I_Removed_Something.

Luckily for her she was with her friend Dave who has now been renamed "The Period Fairy".

Firstly we should explain what a Period Fairy is.

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As the user writes:

Period Fairy: A Person who unexpectedly and tactfully helps you through an emergency period.

This sounds amazing. So far, so good. On with the story.

She (identifies herself as Jane) and a group of friends (three men, three women) go for a hike at least three times a week but this time it was just her and the three guys.

Their hikes tend to be pretty long, like three to five hours, so they require a lot of supplies and tools but they do call an Uber when they reach the end because they deserve it.

Everything seemed to be going fine on this outing but 20 minutes before they reached the end of their walk Jane was hit by, yeah you guessed it, a "surprise period."

So we're hiking for hours, nothing is happening, then about twenty minutes from the end of the trail, it hits me.
I didn't feel it coming at all, and it's like four days early.
I immediately slink back like 20 feet from the group and start having a panic attack.
I had NOTHING on me and I was wearing shorts.
At least they were black, but they wouldn't hold much. I'd also 100% bleed up the Uber.

Jane's unflattering predicament didn't get any better when she decided to stuff her bra down her shorts in an attempt to solve the problem.

She tried to mask it as best she could by walking very slowly at the back of the pack but it wasn't working. That's when Dave noticed what was going in and stepped in.

'Do you need to pee?'
I'm like, 'huh?' Then I realized I'm like doubled over with my hands on my crotch. Seemed obvious.
'No, I, that's not,' I'm stammering.
'Period issue?' he says next.
At that point I'm like this and I just mumble 'yeah.'

What happens next is truly miraculous and if it happened in a movie you would probably dismiss it.

Seeing how distressed his friend was Dave called out to the other two men and reportedly said the following:

Hey, Jane's scraped her arm on a tree or some shit, I'm gonna tend to it but it's gonna be like five minutes.
Just get to the road and set up lunch and call the car.


The two then stroll off without a question, leaving Dave to delve into his backpack.

If all of this didn't already sound great enough already, this is where things become truly euphoric.

Rather than having just tampons he had both tampons and pads at his disposal.

"Pads or tampons?" he says.
I mutter "tampons," completely stunned at all this.
He pulls out three tampons, the good kind, and a handful of wet-naps.
Hands them to me and then he opens the main compartment and pulls out a long sleeve black t-shirt.
"Go in the trees and take care of it, then tie the shirt around your waist."
He then pulls out a big band-aid and slaps it on my arm to keep up his cover story.

After cleaning herself up and returning from the woods she asked Dave how he knew what to do and his response was priceless.

I ask him why he had these, he's just like, 'I've been hiking with women for years, you think I'm stupid?'

We're not sure who Dave is but we're pretty sure he deserves some sort of medal for this act of kindness.

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