Remix of Squid Game’s ‘Red Light, Green Light’ with Florence + The Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’ has taken over TikTok

Remix of Squid Game’s ‘Red Light, Green Light’ with Florence + The Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’ has taken over TikTok

Squid Game has been a huge hit all over the world with a viewership of over 111 million, so it’s no surprise that elements of the dystopian drama have become a viral TikTok trend.

We’ve witnessed the creepy doll filter and the dalonga challenge, but now there is a popular sound circulating which remixes the robot doll voice that says “Red light, green light” with Florence and the Machine’s famous track “Dog Days Are Over.”

In the 235,000 videos that have used this particular sound, TikTokers can be seen freezing when the robot says “red light” and when the doll says “green light” the chorus of Dog Days Are Over kicks in.

Florence sings the iconic line: “Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father,” while the TikTokers sprint away from the camera.

Each video also includes a hilariously relatable caption as a reason for them running off.

The sound was originally posted by TikTok account @golden._.stables where the sound can be heard while what appeared to be different toy horses can be seen moving across the screen.

It’s now received over 2m views.


horse game! #trend #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #redlight #greenlight #schleich #schleichhorses #run #fyp

Soon, more creators were finding the sound and using to post funny and relatable scenarios.

TikToker Charlotte (@neilandcharseccombe) used the sound to depict the sad reality for women of what happens when “When you’re a girl out on your own and it hits 6 o’clock in the winter.”

Basically, we want to get home as fast as possible.

Her post has received nearly 300,000 likes and people took to the comments to agree with her.

One person said: “For real, have to trek home quick before sundown.”

“Even when it isn’t actually dark but its getting dark I’m already uneasy,” another person wrote.

Next up, we all know the rush that comes when your getting the notification from the food delivery driver that your order has arrived.

TikToker and student Nia (@nia.petie) has used the trend to show what happens when the driver calls “but your live on the 4th floor in your house,” as she pegs it down the flights of stairs.

The video has received over 730,000 views, along with other students tagging their pals in the comments section.


Uni life #fyp #ExpectingGen1

TikToker Hannah (@barb.y.hannah) has shared her take on the trend, with the camera point of view being her “sober friend for the night” while she’s the drunk friend running away because she “felt like ur [your] job was getting too easy.”

Hannah’s video has received 5.3m views, and 1.1m likes with thousands commenting on the post about their own experience of a drunken pal with the zoomies.

One person wrote: “Drunk runners are the worst thing ever.”

“Drunk runners have baaaaaad main character syndrome,” another agreed.

Someone else added: “Sometimes you just pray they fall I stg [swear to God].”

As the last few minutes tick by at the end of the school day, by the time the school bell rings everyone wants to leave straight away as TikToker Alexa (@alexxxaalexxxa) demonstrated in her video.

But teachers don’t always let their students off the hook that easy as he caption read: “When the teacher says the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.”

Though as soon as the robot says “green light” Alexa quickly runs out of the classroom.

Her video has received 1.3m views and nearly 320,000 which basically proves we all have the same thought.


My teacher hates me

Of course, there were plenty of relationship and dating related videos as people shared what would make them run in the opposite direction.

TikToker Kenzie (@kenzie.pluim) used this sound in response to “when they ask your body count” which proved to be a popular take as it received 2.2.m views, along with over 370,000 likes.

But viewers in the comments section were more taken with the backdrop of Kenzie’s video where many described it as “heaven” adding “it looked like the road Forrest Gump was running on.”


jokes 😛 #fyp

Meanwhile, if a boy has a hole in their bedroom wall then that’s the last you’ll be seeing of TikToker Lauren (@laurenwhelxn) who shared this as her “biggest red flag.”

Plenty of viewers also agree as it’s been viewed 3.1m times and has nearly 410,000 likes.

The creator added in the comment section: “If a man gets so angry that he punches a wall over something so small as a game, he could do even worse if he got angry in the relationship.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


Biggest red flag 🚩 🚩🚩🚩 #fypシ

To view more videos from the trend visit the sound’s page on TikTok.

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