TikTok has a new Squid Game filter - and it’s even scarier than the robot doll

TikTok has a new Squid Game filter - and it’s even scarier than the robot doll

After reaching 111m viewers worldwide, it’s fair to say the Netflix show Squid Game is literally everywhere at the moment.

And now, someone has made a filter called “Dare to Move” which appears to be based on the show’s intense Red Light, Green Light game.

This is the first round of Squid Game where a doll turns away, the players in the game can move forward but when it turns around the players must freeze otherwise they will be eliminated and killed.

Although the TikTok filter isn’t quite as deadly as the show’s version, it’s still creeping users out.

TikToker Kaila (@kinkykaila) quickly racked up more than 6.8m views and 1.7m likes after she posted a video of herself trying out the filter.

She shared her disbelief at the new feature, “No way that this is a new...” Kaila then paused abruptly and stayed frozen as the baby turned around in order to stay in the game.

“...filter,” she finished her sentence laughing as the baby turned away.

“This is the ugliest f***ing baby I’ve ever seen in my life,” she added before having to remain still when the creepy baby turned around.

Kaila then questions what happens if she gets caught moving by the baby robot, but doesn’t want to find out as she paused her conversation again.

She then admits that she hasn’t watched Squid Game yet because she’s heard it’s “a bit violent.”

Thousands of people took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the strange filter and Kaila’s success at avoiding being eliminated.

One person wrote: “The way I was actually so nervous for you.”

“You made it so much funnier by talking and then having to freeze every time,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “This is stressful but hilarious, I’m scared of that baby.”

“When you got poor connection of facetime,” a fourth person joked, in reference to Kaila constantly pausing.

As a result of people also shared that they wanted to know what happens if you lose, the TikToker then posted a follow-up video of herself losing on purpose to show viewers.

But Kaila wasn’t the only TikToker to go viral over testing out the frightening filter.

Dylan Armenteros (@dylanarmenteros19) shared a video of him attempting to complete the virtual challenge and received 2.7m views, and over 400,000 likes.

“So how’s everybody doing this? How do I mo-” he then cuts off suddenly as the baby head swivels around.

With his eyes wide open in concentration, the concerned TikTok asks: “How do I move?” and then realises that he has to open his mouth in order to move forward.

He says: “That’s a dirty a** baby GO!” and then makes gasping noises as he attempts to travel as fast as he can to the end.

Eventually, he manages to reach the end and complete the challenge without getting eliminated.

Comedian, Munya Chawawa (@munyachawawa) also took on the TikTok challenge as his hilarious rap alter ego Unknown P - known for his posh British accent.


Unknown P vs. Dutty Yout 😤🚦 #ExpectingGen1 #StartUpShowUp #foryoupage #fyp

“Okay first things first, why are you so dutty?” he asks the baby while laughing but soon has to freeze when it turns around.

The comedian then hilariously raps: “Creeping up on a baby, will I draw for the Rambo maybe.”

At the end, he takes a dig at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and cheekily questions: “Are you one of Boris’ by any chance?”

People loved seeing Unknown P doing the challenge as the video has received 1.4m views, along with nearly 250,000 likes.

Since the filter dropped, there have been nearly 25,000 videos of people trying out the game to see if they could survive Red Light, Green Light.

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