Republican senator actually makes a Pinterest page to mock Hillary Clinton

Republican senator Rand Paul channelled his inner teenager this weekend and created a Pinterest account for the sole purpose of trolling Hillary Clinton.

Although the account has (sadly not sadly) now been deleted, the Washington Examiner and took some screengrabs of the various boards he, "or, more likely, some poor disillusioned member of his team" (as the Verge puts it) created.

On his Twitter account, the Kentucky senator explained that the account was a spoof of what Clinton's would look like if she made one herself.

It included boards like "inspirational quotes" like the Benghazing effort above, a "shoulda, woulda, coulda" board featuring pictures of her unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign and a "Power Couple" one featuring pictures of Hillary and husband Bill, which contained this weird dancing Bill toy under the heading: "Looking at the Bae all day."

All from a man who is tipped as a likely presidential candidate next year.

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