Republican senator denies humans caused climate change, cites Bible

After the Republicans won a majority in the Senate last Autumn, the top environment job went to "small-plane-flying, global-warming-denying" Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe.

At a recent session, the Democratic senator for Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse, proposed a motion for the house to acknowledge for the very first time that climate change is actually a thing and not a hoax.

That didn't even include acknowledging that humans have caused it, even though scientists are 99.999 per cent sure that this is the case, just that it is a process that is happening.

As part of the discussion Sen Inhofe decided to offer his tuppence worth, saying:

Climate is changing, and climate has always changed. There's archaeological evidence of that. There's biblical evidence of that. There's historic evidence of that.

The hoax is that there are some people who are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful, they can change climate. Man can't change climate.

  • Jim Inhofe
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