Science and overall logic would suggest that waterfalls work by, well...water falling to the ground and not flowing in the opposite direction.

However, that's exactly what happened in a strange anomaly near Sydney, Australia where high winds of up to 70km/h caused a waterfall in the Royal National Park to actually flow backward.

The footage, captured by 7 News Sydney showed how the small waterfall was thrown into disarray by the winds in New South Wales creating a spectacular sight as the water was literally propelled into the air.

The footage has since gone viral and the consensus is that it is a very 2020 phenomenon.

The village of Bundeena, which is near the waterfall has experienced minor flooding and locals had been told to avoid the coastal pathers in order to avoid the floodwaters.

The torrential downpours in the New South Wales South Coast had caused disruption to residents with the communities in Sussex Inlet and Moruya were forced to flee after 300mm fell over the weekend.

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