'Rizz' is the new viral slang word but what does it mean?

Is Shams The Rizz God? - Up & Adams

If you've been on TikTok at any point in the past few weeks there is a chance you might have seen people using the word 'rizz' - if not we apologise but here is an explanation to what it means.

Rizz is the latest word that TikTok users just cannot get enough of but it's not actually that new at all.

The word was first popularised by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat well over a year ago but it has just entered the popular consciousness with search terms for the word sky rocketing in recent weeks.

Rather than consult your dictionary - trust us you won't find it in there - the word 'rizz' is basically slang for flirting but being really good at it.

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For instance: If you have a smooth approach with a romantic interest and it works then you have rizz. However, if your approach is less than cool then you have no rizz. Sorry rules are the rules.

Speaking a few months ago on theNo Jumperpodcast, Cenat said: Rizz is when you’re talking to a girl, and at first, s** is not going your way. It’s looking bad for you, until you spit game and you’re rizzing them up to where s**t starts to go your way."

Kai Cenat Breaks Down the Definition of “Rizz”

He added: "You’re so slick with your words and what you’re saying, to where the girl is like, ‘OK, yeah, who is this?!’ After shit goes your way, you’re like, ‘Yeah, I rizzed her up. I’ve got mad rizz.'"

Cenat says that the word was popular between he and his friends before he became a social media star and it naturally grew in popularity once he began streaming in 2021.

It has now gone mainstream with people using it to describe Ghana's players at the 2022 World Cup. It was even directly talked about during a segment on the Up & Adams sports show where host Kay Adams was accused of 'shooting her shot' at NBA reporter Shams Charania with them attempting to understand what a 'rizz god' is.

All in all, don't be too shocked if this ends up being the Oxford English Dictionary's word of 2023.

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