The Royal Family's Twitter account posted a series of cryptic questions and people are confused

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The official Royal Family Twitter account has more than 3 million followers, who are usually treated to tweets about the Royal Family's activities and visitors to Buckingham Palace.

However, a series of tweets posted on Wednesday evening posing a series of cryptic questions have left a lot of people scratching their heads.

The first was posted at 6:49 and asked a question about fungi.

The next was about pipes being fitted to a cistern.

Then came a question about redundant letters in the English alphabet.

Lastly, the account asked if you had passed 'the special examination?'

While there is a simple explanation for these questions, people were initially very, very confused.

Some even thought the account had been hacked.

However, a little bit of investigation would have revealed that the questions were in relation to a series of tweets posted just moments before.

They made reference to 150 anniversary of women in higher education, with the aforementioned questions being featured in a 'special examination' that women first took at the University of London 1869.

While some have figured out what the tweets were about, others remain completely perplexed.

indy100 has contacted The Royal Family's web team for comment.

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