People left baffled by Royal Mint tweet about King Charles coin

Royal Mint begins production of first coins for circulation featuring the King_Original …

The Royal Mint shared a festive tweet about its new coin featuring the image of King Charles III that has left people completely baffled.

In the tweet, the Royal Mint shared a picture of the copper coin which featured a side profile of King Charles, alongside the words, “You’ve heard of elf on the shelf. Now get ready for…”

The message was clearly intended to prompt readers to say a rhyme, but many were left completely baffled by what it was meant to be, leading them to come up with their own hilarious suggestions.

One person replied: “Ok I went through a thesaurus to try and work this out and the best I go was:

“Fash on some cash, a posh on some dosh, ruler on some moola.”

Another said: “Whopper on a copper?”

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“The TikTok engagement-bait tactic of posting something with no actual answer has reached the royal mint,” one person pointed out.

Another asked jokingly, “Thought only the Bank of Ireland minted Punts?”. Someone else asked the Royal Mint, “what on earth is this meant to be?”.

After much hilarious speculation, the Royal Mint followed up with a tweet revealing what it is.

They wrote: “Ok, ok, let's put you out of your misery! It's... Sovereign on a Sovereign.”

Well, that cleared that up…

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