An American Escapes Russian Intimidation In Ukraine

An undercover Russian intelligence plot against Ukraine fell apart because they noticed the “girlfriend” of one of the men was too hot.

The plot was foiled by maverick former intelligence agents who noticed Maria, the alleged girlfriend of an FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) agent and pilot, seemed far too attractive to be with him and because he seemed to know nothing about her.

The story was confirmed by a well-respected media investigator and filmmaker Christo Grozev who explained the bizarre story in a Twitter thread.

Grozev began by explaining that Ukrainian ex-operatives were trying to entice Russian pilots to surrender, offering them compensation for any weapons they handed over to Ukraine.

As a documentary filmmaker, he began to document this operation but soon things turned fishy as both sides lied to one another.

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Grozev continued, writing: “The ‘negotiations’ between the Ukrainian recruiters and the pilots, which we filmed, started out as expected, but their tone changed quickly, suggesting the pilots were no longer talking on their own behalf but were ‘coached’ – likely by FSB military counter-intelligence officers.

“A clear clue that the FSB had intercepted the communications came when one of the pilots suddenly said he no longer wanted to get his wife out of the country, but his ‘lover’ instead.”

He continued: “It took me about 5 minutes to discover that the pilot's ‘lover’ (waaay too hot for him, FSB) was an FSB asset, working as a fitness trainer by day, but moonlighting as an FSB girlfriend-for-hire the rest of the time. (The Ukrainians figured that out too).”

Grozev explained that the pilot seemed surprised that his so-called girlfriend, who turned out to be an FSB asset, had a passport and had been to Istanbul and Barcelona.

Eventually, the plot for both sides failed, but with Russia left red-faced it has since alleged that the scheme was formed by British and Ukrainian intelligence teams with the aim of embarrassing the Kremlin.

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