New Russian optical illusion is convincing people ghosts exist

New Russian optical illusion is convincing people ghosts exist
Shrinking Mill Optical Illusion

Amid a war, Russia somehow managed to either create the world’s greatest use of camouflage or prove the existence of ghosts.

Shared to the subreddit r/ANormalDayInRussia, a user posted a video of a stroller rocking back and forth on a snowy street. Upon first glance, it looks as if the stroller is moving by itself.

Is this the work of a ghost, or is it an optical illusion?

After careful investigation, someone is pushing the stroller, but their clothing blends in with the white and grey background. User Xador3d called it: “Russian level of camouflage

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With most users confused by the video, one Reddit user clarified the video’s contents and said: “A person standing next to a baby carriage/pram rocking the carriage/pram.”

“I expected something Russian like a track suit but had to watch it again to see cold war arctic commando levels of camo,” another user added.

One Reddit user compared the video to the alien creature in the 1987 action film Predator, saying the video gives off “Predator vibes.”

Keeping with the theme of Predator, maybe the stroller does not contain a baby. Perhaps a soldier is using the stroller to hide from the enemy.

“My brain started to think it was a Russian soldier hidden in a powered stroller like a tiny vehicle made to be inconspicuous. Half expected to see the barrel of a sniper rifle poking out. Wow, brain. Just.. wow," said one user.

However, the most logical explanation came from user RelevantMetaUsername with knowledge of pixelation. They said: “The video compression definitely enhances the effect. Compression basically averages similar pixels that are next to one another. The lady's coat+pants were close enough in color to the background that they were averaged out by the algorithm.”

Why did RelevantMetaUsername have to ruin the fun?

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